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    Comprehensive Motorsports was officially created in the summer of 2023. But it was a culmination of a lifelong dream of CEO/Owner Dustin Randol who shares the ownership with the real brains of the operation his wife Haley Randol. Dustin a former and occasional mediocre racecar driver himself began dirt track racing at the age of 13 at the infamous Boothill Speedway in Greenwood, LA. In the mid 90’s after taking over the reigns from his Father Steve Randol an accomplished SCCA Driver and multi–Louisiana Regional and State Champion as well as being one of the charter members of the very first group of drivers that began their dirt track racing career at the Greenwood Oval in 1992 when the Mini-Stock division was created. Steve after years of many feature wins at multiple tracks in the ARK-LA-TEX Region he reluctantly handed the reigns of his 1978 Ford Pinto to Dustin after a wreck that caused damage to his neck that was already weakened from a previous accident when he was younger.
    Dustin took to the track not yet in High School and during his time in mini stocks and open wheel modifieds was able to amass several wins including a Louisiana State Dirt Track Championship in 2002 and also was able to get to develop close friendships with his best friend James Flores of the famous Flores racing family as well as Billy and BJ Robinson whom he frequently helped crew for and was also given a chance to drive some of Billy’s cars on occasion , a friendship with Billy that outside of his father Steve was his racing hero and confidant. As soon as he was able to work “legally” he worked as a courtesy clerk at a grocery store until a friendship with a fellow Mini Stock racecar driver named Zach Worn the son of Scott and Catherine Worn who had just purchased a small “racecar shop” that they had purchased from Gene Boyter of IMCA modified fame, led to Dustin being offered a chance to ditch the grocery sacks and offered a job at the Worn’s racecar shop, Excel Motorsports. Dustin worked there throughout high school where he received accolades and awards for his work in the High School’s CO-OP Program DECA where he learned through the program the ins and out of marketing and business administration practices and sales strategies even using his experience he had gained from working at Excel to write his DECA thesis paper that was his final for the course his senior year that included an actual acting portrayal of the paper and the business plan model based on his day to day work experiences at Excel Motorsports. He continued this course through a few stints in college before leaving the Racecar shop in 2003 when offered a job to manage an HVAC supply store in Hot Springs, AR. His racing career took a backseat to real life and he began his climb up the ladder of sales in all forms and supply from HVAC , Powersports, as well as the Oilfield and Industrial markets before starting his own business as a side gig or really preparation in 2016 for the day he could try to implement his experience and knowledge he had gained throughout his life and “Comprehensive Industrial Resources” was created.
    While concentrating on the Oilfield and Industrial industries he still always had a longing for having a racecar shop of his own to help the drivers in the community in the NW LA. Area who by this time had lost all Motorsports stores including Excel motorsports, leaving guys with nothing local to grab their racecar parts and supplies. While in 2022 one of his oldest friends , Josh Worn, who was the youngest son of Scott and Catherine Worn was at the Comprehensive Industrial Resources office and jokingly said as they reminisced about the good ole days of Excel motorsports where Dustin and Josh spent many years working side by side, selling racecar parts, as well as racing against one another that Dustin should re-open Excel Motorsports or at the very least open a new and improved form of racecar parts shop and shopping experience and provide it to the dirt track racing community he still considered family. And during these conversations Dustin purchased a racecar from Josh that he will admit he does not have time to drive and it’s probably a good thing as he has gotten older his skills on the track had dwindled but his business acumen seemed to stick around. Then from there after many conversations with local drivers who were customers and friends who urged him to open a racecar shop as they were without for more than a decade. So he decided to talk with his wife a successful healthcare professional about coming on and turn make another risky and admittedly scary proposition and that was to create a new business using the same name Comprehensive but adding MOTORSPORTS and create a good old fashioned family business of Oilfield and Industrial supplies and add a whole lot of racecar parts to meet the needs of the local racers as well as the love Dustin had for that being something he had always wanted. She said came aboard and the rest is history.
    Since then, Comprehensive Motorsports was able to grow and flourish with the help of customers both old and new. The family atmosphere was instantly felt beginning on day one. In the short time Comp. Motorsports has a fully stocked showroom and warehouse of inventory including parts trailers to be available at tracks in the Ark La Tex to help drivers and promotors alike with having replacement parts at the ready at the tracks. Comprehensive Motorsports was then able to spark a Distributor partnership with the great Late Model driver and GRT legend Jack Sullivan who is also the promotor of the Comp Cams Late Model Series who after leaving GRT began his own venture into entrepreneurship and creating the surging and ever growing “Cadillac Chassis” company. Bringing his innovative designs and experience, creating some of the fastest cars on the tracks throughout the country.
    Comprehensive Motorsports true to form keeping with the family theme is now in the process of beginning a youth development series for kids of all ages to get a chance to drive, fabricate, maintain real racecars with their Quarter Midget option to run locally. While this is currently at this date in its infancy it is also a dream of Haley and Dustin’s to grow and support the sport that they love. And it doesn’t hurt that they have a young driver who shares their last name who will begin cutting his teeth in the dirt of North Louisiana and tracks across the country in the very near future.

    Comprehensive Motorsports- Reliable Parts, Trusted Solutions, Measurable Results.

    Our Team

    Haley Randol | President and Owner

    Dustin Randol | Owner and CEO

    Current Drivers/Clients

    • James Flores
    • Josh Worn
    • Chad Dupont
    • Austin Dupont
    • Jack Dupont
    • Luke Dupont
    • John David Ammons
    • Bubba Jones
    • Ralo Pilkington
    • Chris Henigan
    • Dustin Henigan
    • Brady Fortenberry
    • Brandon Fortenberry
    • Devon Kruithoff
    • Austin Warner
    • Cory Giles
    • Domanike Flores
    • BJ Robinson
    • Tommy Tullis
    • Dusty Dupont
    • Chris Haire
    • Bubba Mitchell
    • Frank Canizaro
    • Zach Worn
    • Michael Easley
    • Coty Tupper
    • Ricky Burk Jr.
    • David Dowler
    • Dean Rascoe
    • Jeff Lewis
    • Landon Mauldin
    • James Griffin
    • Lee Tullis
    • Brandon Tullis
    • Charlie Kruithoff
    • Laney Dupont
    • Kevin Chesney
    • John Tuggle
    • Jesse Meazell
    • Steve Randol
    • Joe Boswell
    • Tippy Bickham
    • Austin McIntyre
    • Jack Sullivan
    • Edward Rice
    • Patrick Randol
    • Steve Bogues
    • Tim Eaves Jr.
    • Billie Meazell
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